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We help companies in the financial sector with executing most types of manual and bureaucratic tasks, such as confirming information for credit release or checking registration data.


Monitor the interest rates adopted by your competitors

Define new pricing strategies by simulating interest rates and other attributes in competing banks by crossing the economic and social profile of our data base.

Streamline data validation for consumer and commercial loans

In home equity operations, for example, you can reduce costs by sending our collaborators (Opiners) employees to inspect a property before granting credit. to grant credit in home equity operations. Count on exempt people to avoid fraud and default.

Confirm the existence of companies to open accounts

Count on our “people, opiners, collaborators” base to streamline the account opening process by checking in person for the existence of a business at a certain address. With this validation, you avoid errors and ensure more safety and effectiveness in executing your plans.

Update registration data in bulk

Confirm the information, check record discrepancies, and find potential customers with our on-site intelligence- gathering solutions for data enrichment.

Check product and competitor pricing and fees for credit applications

With us, you can verify the rate charged at different dealerships faster and cheaper (when compared with sending a bank employee or hiring a third party). Our capacity and speed allow us to verify the rate charged at various dealers and deliver this data confidently and at a lower cost than sending a bank employee or hiring a third party. As it is an unbiased assessment, we also reduce the risk of fraud that the granting of credit will be adequate.

One solution, many possibilities…

With our solution, you can:


Certify information from customer records by going to them in person anywhere in the country (even the most remote!)


Map important competitors by location through analysis of account opening, customer certification and credit simulations


Make a checklist with photos and videos of your potential client's commercial location


Get massive amounts of information from even the most remote locations in Brazil with our platform!

How do missions work?

A mission can happen in several ways. The sky is the limit!

Pinion sends a push notification to users depending on who or where they are.
The user accesses the mission tab in the PiniOn app. After confirming the interest in the mission, he receives the necessary information and instructions.
It's time to carry out the mission, which can be done by photo, video, audio or form.
Completing the mission, if approved, the user receives a financial reward.

More than 100k unique Points of Interest visited

Over 500k verification

Monitor progress and report impact results in dashboards


In addition to the dashboard, you can also count on:


Systemically organized and delivered in D+1 via API or online databases like BigQuery.


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